The Latest Trends in Bedroom Paint Colors

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The Inspiration You Need before Booking a Home Painting Service

Are you looking for an affordable way to change the appearance of your bedroom? If that’s so, the best way to do it is by changing its walls color. That way you won’t have to do a full remodeling of the room and still get a new and fresh look. And since we know how hard it could be to decide on a color, we have made a list of the trendiest ones right now that you should consider before booking a home painting service.

Healing aloe – Light colors with a little bit of gray in their undertone can make a room look more sophisticated. The aloe shade can look green, gray or blue based on the light that you have in the room in different parts of the day. The color is really calming and its elegant look makes it perfect for those of you who like Scandinavian design.

Quartz moon – If you are an early bird, the “quartz moon” might be the right choice for you because that lavender color looks stunning in the morning. The gray undertone actually makes it appealing to both males and females, but just be careful not to mix it with floral prints or peachy tones, so you won’t get a granny-looking bedroom.

Bleached piling – If you love relaxing in your bedroom after a long day at the office, you should think about painting the room in this color, because the this blue-green-gray shade will help you release the stress that you have build up during the day.

Iced cube silver – This silver shade with a touch of green and gray looks really soft and delicate. The silver tones add style to the room and it’s best to keep the rest of the colors in the interior muted.

Blue bonnet – This shade of blue is quite light and airy, and the white undertones in it can make your vintage stuff appear more fresh. And actually the best thing about this color is that it looks great with every other color. It gives a really classic, and at the same time, exotic appearance to a room.

Thornton sage – That’s the pale green color that you will most likely see in a hydrangea. It looks really calming in the morning when the sunlight hits the color, and it also gives a little boost of energy.

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