Osgood Painting is here to help fix the results of a tough winter with fresh paint for spring.

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Welcome spring with a fresh, beautiful paint job

But first, let’s fix the results of the ice dams

What is an ice damWhat is an ice dam?

Ice dams form when snow melts on a roof and refreezes at the edge. The home’s heated air rises through the roof, warming and melting the ice and snow that then runs down and collects around gutters and roof edges. Since the heat concentrates in the center of the roof, the water that runs down the eaves tends to refreeze in the gutters, creating a rim of ice.

Paint failure from ice dams Paint failure from ice dams

If this situation continues, the ice can work its way back up the roof edge, get under shingles, and leak into the attic and walls. Damage from ice dams may not be immediately apparent. As the ice melts and possibly drips into the interior, insulation can be become wet and lose its ability to perform. In some cases, mold may begin to grow. Paint can peel or blister weeks or months after the ice dam has melted as moisture from the leak in the wall or ceiling cavities pushes outward.

Osgood Painting to the Rescue!

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Call on us for a precise leak repair that blends in beautifully with the existing paint.

We’ll quickly provide a well-priced estimate for you and your insurance company.

Next we’ll test for moisture to make sure that ceilings and walls are dry enough for the repairs. Custom-mixing a match for the existing paint, we’ll remove damaged areas, patch, seal, prime, and apply finish coats.

But perhaps this is nature’s way to tell you it’s time to change colors. Ask about our color consulting services, and create a new look with confidence. Whether you want to go bold or demure, you deserve our home painting service and the highest quality results.

Chuck Osgood

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Thank you for your interest in Osgood Painting. As you know, we’re dedicated to beautifying homes and creating happiness for our customers.

Call on us for a prompt estimate on your spring painting or leak repairs. Email Chuck Osgood with the best times to reach you back, or call day or evening.

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