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Usher in long summer days with perfect painting

But first, let’s demystify one of the biggest trends in painting today

How can I have a healthier paint job?

Everyone can reduce exposure to cumulative toxins. And those with special sensitivities can take steps to minimize exposure to allergens and indoor air pollutants.

Simple ways to reduce exposure

Using paints with extra coverage, as an alternative to multiple coats, reduces exposure.

Self-priming and paints with superior coverage may be more costly, but by reducing labor costs and exposure time to the vapors, they can be a more economical and healthier choice.

What are VOCsWhat are VOCs?

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature.
Basically, VOCs “off-gas” and they are everywhere. These compounds are not acutely toxic, but can have ill effects cumulatively, and some individuals are more sensitive than others.

There are VOCs throughout our homes--should we minimizeThere are VOCs throughout our homes–should we minimize?

As paint dries, VOCs are released into the air. Many brands of low-VOC formulas are available, but not all are good paint. Using paint with less coverage can nullify the benefits of a reduced VOC level.

Be a smart shopper

Top brands of paint moved to a zero VOC across their lines this winter. You can see the zero rating at the top of the paint can. Nowadays, If you ask for a “greener” job from Osgood Painting we will recommend Regal select or Aura for deeper colors. Because Aura allows coverage in fewer coats, it minimizes exposure, although the paint itself is more costly.

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bedroom paintingYour top painting resource–right in the neighborhood

Call on us for a precise leak repair that blends in beautifully with the existing paint.

We’ll quickly provide a well-priced estimate for you and your insurance company.

Next we’ll test for moisture to make sure that ceilings and walls are dry enough for the repairs. Custom-mixing a match for the existing paint, we’ll remove damaged areas, patch, seal, prime, and apply finish coats.

But perhaps this is nature’s way to tell you it’s time to change colors. Ask about our color consulting services, and create a new look with confidence. Whether you want to go bold or demure, you deserve our super service and the highest quality results.

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